Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us.

We have been doing this on our own property and for our neighbors for years and we get compliments and suggestions we should do this as a business.  We were on the road to start in 2020 but do to pandemic we decided to wait till 2022 so here we are.  

Cost Effective:  We have not purchased gravel in years on our driveways and parking areas due to  the fact we have the right equipment for the job.  We basically bring gravel that is already there to the surface and evenly distribute it.  I like the fact that is also straightens out the edges makes define line where gravel ends and pasture/grass begins.  Also not so many high spots so when I mow between gravel and grass no more re-sharpening of blades and the cringe of the noise it makes.   Gravel can get expensive and the drivers do a great job on distribution but it is never quite right.  Then you have to tractor it out yourself or pay somebody to do it which equates to more time and money.